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Things have been pretty quiet for almost a year.  After lookin the group over, I've decided to do a little cleaning up and focusing.  What this means is that I really want to make this group a Weird West power, since it's the ONLY Weird West group on dA.  So, that'll mean that if the West in the art isn't weird, chances are it's gonna be removed.  The only real exceptions for this will be Cosplay and Props.  Photography of places will depend on what it is.  And no erotica or pin-up.  It's one thing to have sex or nudity in the work, it's another for the work to be central to it.  Unless it's a succubus or something like that.  That said, I'm not banning anyone or anything like that.  If your art gets pulled, you should definitely make something new that fits the bill.

And if you have any questions or suggestions or you wanna see anything posted about, make a comment, send me a note, comment on this journal, whatever.  Especially if you know of some good Weird West material.  Sharing is caring.  So, that's it for now, boils and ghouls.
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Welcome to the Weird West group. I created it as a place for lovers of the Weird and Wild west to congregate, post their art and stories, even poetry if ya like. Weird West, Wild West, anything in between. Steampunk's allowed too but it's not the focus here and never will be.

When participating, remember a few things:

Anyone can join.

Be respectful to each other.

Submit your works into the proper folders (if I'm missing anything, let me know).

PLEASE contribute. I don't think I need to say much else here.

The only type of submission I won't approve is erotica, merely because this isn't an erotica group. Mature content is not only approved but encouraged. It's the weird west, after all.

DO NOT submit to the featured folder. We'll choose pieces to go in there.

As for the other folders, please try to submit finished works. Line art counts as finished works as long as you've drawn all you wanted to. Doodles can go in the Sculptures/Etc. folder.

For those of you who don't know what the Weird West genre is, it's very simple. It's essentially sci-fi/fantasy westerns. If there are mad scientists, monsters, ghosts, gods and so on mixed in with frontier settlers, gold mines, gunslingers and whatever else comes to mind when you think of westerns, you have yourself a Weird Western.

Notable examples include:

The RPG Deadlands which is said to have coined the term "weird west".

A good chunk of Joe R. Lansdale's work.

The Dark Tower series by Stephen King.

The Wicked West graphic novel.

Dead Man's Hand by Nancy A. Collins.

And a whole slew of other things, including Firefly and Trigun.

If I've missed anything in all that, please contact me. If you have suggestions or comments, they are most certainly welcome and appreciated.

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You see my journal: [link]
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Gol dang it! I put some things in the wrong folders. Haven't quite got a handle on this group submissions thing. Sorry!
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No worries, I can move them.
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I probably better stick to member. I'll still invite ppl though!
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Ah, alright.
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